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Welcome to ONBUFF project!
ONBUFF monetizes IP(Intellectual Property) using blockchain technology into new content such as Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain games, creating a new ecosystem to adopt blockchain technology to the IP business. Enterprises can easily expand their IP services and raise their value by providing where the new industry is transparent and well-organized in reliable ways. ONBUFF provides a solution for IP users to participate in IP based industry and content and IP brands to earn proper valuations of market recognition with the public value of IP increasing together.
ONBUFF is a new IP platform powered by blockchain technology. Starting with IP owned by SNK, Gravity game link and ICONIX animation studio, ONBUFF will effectively realize the entire process of IP business from value assessment and registration to settlements, quickly and transparently based on blockchain technology. Through this, ONBUFF can promote the advancement of the industry and encourage increases in overall IP values.

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