Why is my Little Legion Points not showing up in my INNO Wallet?

Little Legion points are earned through your achievements and progress in the game. These points, however, DO NOT DIRECTLY REFLECT INNO Wallet. To see your achievements truly shine in your INNO Wallet, you need to EXCHANGE your earned P2E (Play-to-Earn) Points for Little Legion Points (INNO).

If you have P2E Points but haven’t yet EXCHANGED P2E Points for Little Legions Points IN GAME, they won’t be visible in your INNO Wallet.

Within the game interface, click the "Bank" building and go to the "P2E" menu. This is where you can convert your P2E Points.

✌Select the amount of P2E Points you wish to convert into Little Legion Points (INNO).

👌Once you've chosen the amount, confirm the exchange. Your P2E Points will be deducted, and the corresponding Little Legion Points (INNO) will be added to your INNO Wallet.

If you still can't exchange P2E Points in-game, please contact the in-game service center. https://discord.com/invite/MXZ3B9NpYM