Deposit Tokens from Exchanges

Describes how to deposit tokens in the INNO Wallet through exchanges.

Click the Wallet button to check my token information and wallet address.

Warning: Be careful of the chain selection
Polygon Network provides several different chains and if you send your Polygon with the wrong chain, you cannot get your Polygon back.
INNO Platform supports two different Polygon chains which are ERC-20(Ethereum Chain) and Polygon Chain.
If you choose to send your Polygon through Polygon-ERC20 then you should fill out your Polygon-ERC20 address on the withdrawal page. However, if you choose to send your Polygon through the Polygon chain then you should fill out your Polygon chain address on the withdrawal page.
Some crypto exchanges are not supporting particular chains of Polygon Network.
In the case of global CEX such as Binance supports both Ethereum and Polygon chains so you can freely choose a chain to send through. ***Be aware that ONBUFF team has no responsibility for users sending their Polygon with the wrong chain. There is nothing ONBUFF team can help with sending Polygon to the wrong chain. Please double-check and make sure you are sending your Polygon to the right chain and address.

✌ Withdraw tokens at exchanges to deposit tokens into INNO Wallet.

Please double-check the supporting networks of tokens in exchanges to avoid wrong deposit.

👉INNO Platform supports tokens and networks below:

Polygon (MATIC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Polygon (MATIC-ERC20)