Questions that are frequently asked.
The purchased NFT is not reflected on My Page.
A. If your NFT purchase is not reflected in your INNO Wallet, please follow these steps for assistance:
-> Contact [email protected] -> Attach INNO ID and SCREENSHOT IMAGES that clearly show the problem.
How do I swap Points (P2E Game Points) for tokens?
A. Go to INNO Platform's "Swap" page -> Choose the point you want to swap in the "From" space -> Choose the token you want to swap in the "To" space -> Click the "Swap" button For detailed information, follow these link directions:
How to create external wallet? (MetaMask& Sui)
A. To set up your external wallet seamlessly, just follow these smooth guidelines below. Sui: https://medium.com/onbuff-main/sui-wallet-guide-944135237b42 MetaMask: https://medium.com/onbuff-main/metamask-wallet-guide-6b40eb303851 ***Please be aware that ONBUFF holds no responsibility for the loss of your 12 Secret Recovery Phrase, as it is beyond our control. ONBUFF does NOT request the 12 Secret Recovery Phrase for any purpose.
How to connect my external wallet to my INNO account?
A. Click the "Wallet" button -> Choose the wallet you want to link. We provide two options: MetaMask and Sui Wallet.
-> Click the "Connect wallet" button to link your wallet to INNO ID. For detailed information, follow these link directions:
How many external wallets can be linked to one INNO account?
A. Each INNO account can be linked to one MetaMask wallet and one Sui wallet. This means that you can have a maximum of two external wallets connected to your INNO account.
Points (P2E Game Points) are not reflected on My Page.
A. Game companies typically have control over sending P2E (Play-to-Earn) Game Points to the INNO Platform. We recommend reaching out to the in-game customer service center. Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT https://support.gnjoy.id/hc/en-us/requests/new Little Legions NFT https://discord.com/invite/MXZ3B9NpYM
How can I change my email address in ONBUFF?
A. Changing the email address associated with your ONBUFF account is technically impossible. ONBUFF operates on a system that does not store email records. Additionally, our platform is designed to utilize Google or Facebook accounts as the basis for creating an ONBUFF account.